Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application
In cooperation with music stores, schools, private educators, the Utah Arts Council and private benefactors, the Joshua Ogzewalla Music Scholarship provides private music lessons to young rock and roll musicians, regardless of experience.
The Slayer of the Void Music Education Program provides master classes, group lessons, showcase concerts, special events and other general music education events.

Students will be chosen by application and by referral from music stores and music educators. Recipients will be selected by the scholarship committee. Scholarship awards will be for a limited time. Recipients showing motivation and passion will be prioritized for renewal of their award.
Efforts are made to engage music teachers related to the referring organization. (ie if a scholarship is awarded to a student recommended by a music store, the music store will be the preferred location for contracting the teacher.)

Awards will be given in the following categories:
Educational Scholarship- provides private music lessons for instruments such as guitar, bass, drums
Fee Grant Award- provides funds for equipment- instruments, sticks, strings, accessories, picks, etc
Endowment Scholarship- provides funding and/or training as per the wishes of the endowing benefactor
Students may be able to receive scholarships in more than one category

Process for applying for the scholarship:

1) Fill out the application below
2) The Application Review Committee will review all applications and contact you for an interview
3) Interview
4) The Scholarship Award Committee will determine the recipients of the scholarship
5) We will contact you. If you are awarded a scholarship, there is a contract that must be signed and a set of rules and expectations that must be understood and agreed

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